FIFA 19 - children spent their parents' savings on cards in the Ultimate Team



[url=][b]FIFA 19 Mule Account[/b][/url] Parental control is a feature available on every console currently in stores and the story of a British family shows that it is definitely worth using its features. In some cases it can protect you from losing a lot of money.

Four children under the age of ten due to carelessness of the father spent all of their parents' savings on virtual cards for Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 19.

The last such history is described by the BBC and it concerns the FIFA 19 game in the Nintendo Switch version. One child gave his children one set of FIFA Ultimate Team cards but he did not notice that the children saw him making transactions. It ended with the fact that the teenagers spent almost PLN 550 on micropayments that is [url=][b]cheap FIFA 19 Account[/b][/url] PLN 2,500 clearing the family account from all means.

Carter and his wife did not find out about the expenses when the bank card transaction was refused. From billing it appears that between June and June young players have made several purchases worth between £ 12 and £ 32. Interestingly in the purchased parcels they did not hit the box of the favorite Leo Messi.

Nintendo fortunately returned money to the family and removed the purchased players from the game account but such stories do not always have such a happy ending. It is worth remembering to set the parental control on the home console which can be done in the settings of Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. In turn on the PlayStation 4 console parents should set up a special account for their child from whom you can not make payments. Sony warns that it does not return funds when shopping from a normal "adult" account.

Recently EA's representatives participated in a discussion on micropayments organized in the British Parliament. They compared the micropayments and lootboxes to the chocolate eggs "Kinder Surprise". here now... well done more cheap FIFA 19 Account from us! great!5% coupon:amvip.

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