Rated left-winger by default in FIFA Mobile



While this list has already shown, there are masses of English wonderkids in Liverpool's positions, including the likes of Dominic Solanke and Curtis Jones. His 62 rating can easily transform into an 84 in Career Mode, with the youngster packing excellent pace, dribbling and shooting skills.

Marcus Rashford has showcased in our Language lists for many years at this point, and for good reason. He's an 81-rated left-winger by default in FIFA 19, but he's just as great up front, and shortly transforms into among the world's best forward.

FIFA 19 pro gamers that you need to see this year.The FIFA 19 contest is interesting as it's a fresh format. This year, the players will be booted up and competing in a 2v2 as opposed to the more customary 1v1.

As one of the first contests of this FIFA 19 season, all eyes will be on the players to find out whether any of them seem like they'll have a fantastic year. We spoke with Gfinity's Community Manager Chris Trout who informed us about his best few players to see, and we spoke to a few players who could be the rising stars of the year's tournament.

Dream Team are the newest kids on the block, with only joined the Gfinity Elite Series, but Entirely is no stranger to the contest. He cried in his first Elite Series season, and fans will remember his triumph over world champion Spencer'Gorilla' Ealing.

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