Videos and I freaking love WoW Classic



Maybe Consecration if you spec to it, forcing you to perform with a Healer if you would like to do PvE content. Protection Paladin is trash as you don't have a taunt and Retribution is among the worst DPS specs in WoW Classic. God speed to whoever levels a paladin, because I really cannot be asked to auto-attack and judge for per month.

Man, I love adore these videos and I freaking love WoW Classic! I seriously can't wait for it to launch but I am enjoying these vids to pieces! You really embody the dream feeling of mystery and wonder only found once I was a child trying to play WoW but could not due to parents and stuff. When I hold the rod, I will be able to immerse myself in this fantastic world and appreciate Vanilla in all it's greatness.I recall vanilla for a BM hunter.

Felt just like a red headed stepchild nobody wanted me groups or raids without a guilds would take me. My other courses I enjoy today are improvement shaman, illness locks, and shadow priest. Seems like most of my classes suck at WoW Classic. And I've never tanked or treated so yeah.

You oversold the Paladin tanking/DPSing somewhat, at least in the"class overview" portion. They're not likely to be top end raiding guilds, though. It is rather inevitable that these small hybrid functions are already taken by inner group members, even if they are brought in any way. If you are okay with no raiding viability you'll find things somewhat easier, though.

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