It ain't my fault you keep turning me on It ain't my fault you got, got me so gone

Coldwater je iz Virovitica, ima 18 godina i po horoskopu je rak. Od muzike voli Zara lARSSON,Ariana Grande,Nicky Minaj,G eazy,Nirvana,RHCP. Od filmova voli gledati American Hororr story,Zločinaćki umovi,samo da nije neko cmokanje.

Pull up in that Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne, that's my new thing
Black on black on black on black down to the shoe string
Yo bitch call me daddy, daddy, that's my new name
Pass her after, all aboard that choo-choo-train
You and I are not the same
Difference not a watch and chain
Difference is my DNA, so what you saying?
Leather pants and velvet shirts and VMA
I’m built for fame
Speeding fast so if I see you in my way
I’ll switch my lane, vroom
Realest in the room
Been real since the womb
Till I’m in the tomb
If I take your bitch, then that pussy doomed
Eat it like a spoon
Your bitch coming soon
Like a motion picture
Listen if I'm smokin whicha
Then we gettin' fucked up all night
Tell me when that dope has hit you, yeah
Party and you see how late it is
You gon' find out my definition of what faded is
Young Gerald

[Hook: G-Eazy]
Bad to the bone, yeah, the bone marrow
Bitch I’m bad to the bone, yeah, the bone marrow
All I give a fuck about is that dinero
They say "You a fool boy, what’s wrong with Gerald?"

[Verse 2: Danny Seth]
Five years too deep
Two birds, one seat
Two girls, one but
This dick ain’t free
In the hills, so steep
Need the mills like I'm Meek
And like a mountain top
Your career quite peak
In her mouth like a cheek
Skip the bitch like a beat
Snort cocaine, drink, then repeat
I ain’t slept in 'bout like a week
See, this lifestyle, it ain’t cheap
But when I pop bottles, it’s free
Tell all my bruddas we all in the section
But trust me, the section, it isn't on me
See the flow, I dun did it
Poppin' off like prescription
Kill the beat, G the witness
Call me Jack how I rip this
Poker cards how I flip this
Your main hoe is my fitness
I like 'em stick-thin and titless
I pray to God as my witness
I pray I make right decision
‘Cause if I left, they’d be trippin’
Without a suit, I make business
Forced out to cash lyrics
And fuck the fame, man, I lived it
I’m blowin' up like a chimney
Skinny white boy from Britain
I rep my ends till I’m riddance

[Hook: Danny Seth]
I'm bad to the bone, yeah, the bone marrow
I’m bad to the bone, yeah, the bone marrow
All I wanna do is fuck and take a xanny
They say "You a fool man, what’s wrong with Danny?"

[Verse 3: G-Eazy + Danny Seth]
See I'm a simple person, I like to drink my Bourbon
The most interesting man alive but I'm a different version
You see, I been determined, it's a wrap like a turban
I'm gettin' to the money, you're washed up like dish detergent
Pulled up with her skirt off, ugh leave here with her clothes off
Oh shit, like I’m Murdock, I’m the one that you heard of
Talk shit, get burned off, being broke is a turn offKeep spittin' fire, the temp is high like I got my shirt off
The cap is off of these bottles, diCaprio to these models
The phone's out when we're partying
I've had enough of these problems
The British come and I wanderI fuck tens, I bought 'em
Cocaine and these models
And that's the first one brother
Yeah, okay, every day my stock inclines
I don't see no stopping signs
Some model bitches choppin' lines
Choppin' lines, this is gettin' common, it's a hobby, I'm...
I'm partying like every night, do this shit until we die

[Hook: G-Eazy + Danny Seth]
Bad to the bone, yeah, the bone marrow
Bitch I’m bad to the bone, yeah, the bone marrow
All I give a fuck about is that dinero
They say "You a fool boy, what’s wrong with Gerald?"


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