ovdje želim

Why did you not talk to me
Why did you always hide your fear from me?
Why did you let me walk so far away from you?
Why did you try to find a faction with someone new?

I wanted to hold you, I wanted to be the one for you
But I was too weak, too tired to fight without a smile from you
So you went away, you left with all the questions in my head
I was waiting so long, I was drinking too much
And I slowly turned away from you

Now I know, I never felt this way before
This pain is tearing me apart
I don’t want to give up, I don’t want to let you go
Please stay with me, let us touch eternity

Don’t be afraid, I’m not here to harm you I want to make your dreams come true It’s time to put your trust in someone The distant sky is waiting for you

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